Our Mission

To have the Bowl and cups dedicated at our 50th Anniversary in 2018

This is an artist rendering of the Commemorative Bowl.  

                                                   These are our Sponsorship Opportunities
Silver bowl (market price for silver) estimate is approximately $10,000. 

This would make a great corporate sponsorship.

Silver ladles (2) estimated                                        $2000 each.

Handles (2) estimated                                               $2500 each

Wooden base with crests and engraving                    $2500

 In memory of an individual or unit                             $2500

Information You Need and Want

Out goal is to have the Commemorative Bowl dedicated at our 50th anniversary reunion. This will be in June 2018 at West Point. That is a little more than a year from now.  

This is the first cup that has been made available to the GBC for members to see.  Sponsorship of each cup is available for $1000 each. This will be on a first come, first served basis.  All 15 units will be on an individual  toasting cup.

Here is How You Can Support

We want to honor all those individuals and units that served with the Golden Brigade in Vietnam from deployment in 1968 to the return to Ft Bragg in 1969.

                                              Benefactor Levels
CIB/CMB Jumpmaster Club            $2500 +
Brigade Commanders Club                $750-$2500
Battalion Commanders Club             $500-$749
Company/Battery/Troop Commanders Club $300-$499
Platoon Leaders Club                           $200-$299
Platoon NCO Club                               $150-$299
Individual Trooper Club                        $82-$100
All benefactors will be recognized by name on a bronze plaque that accompanies the Commemorative Bowl.


Contact Us

The Commemorative Bowl Committee

Rich O'Hare  804-338-8222  GBC82abnvn@aol.com

Tom Hennessey  703-362-0610  thenness2@juno.com

Mail in donations should be sent to:

Golden Brigade Commemorative Bowl

  4075 Old River Trail, Powhatan,
VA 23139-4112

Help Our Cause

Your donation to support the Golden Brigade Commemorative Bowl is deeply appreciated.  Remember your contributions are fully tax deductible.

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